Let’s talk a little bit about FIBER today! Fiber is one of the most important nutrient in a balanced healthy diet and lifestyle. What is fiber?

There are two types of fiber – soluble and non-soluble fiber. The soluble fiber type dissolves in water and the second one does not. The first type of fiber can be metabolised and can feed good bacteria in the human digestive tract. The largest amount of bacteria normally live in our large intestine. It is the same with other live organisms, the good bacterias also need to be fed to survive and perform their functions in the human bodies.

How much fiber shall I consume?

How much fiber should we consume to maintain a healthy functioning digestive tract? It is recommended approximately 30 gram daily consumption of fiber.

Fiber is not only beneficial for our digestive tract. This important nutrient is good for cardio-vascular system and endocrine systems as well. Fiber can help balance blood sugar levels and be a perfect add on to a healthy diet plan for people with blood sugar imbalance or diabetes.

Fiber and constipation

Fiber and constipation? Yes, that is correct. Fiber can reduce constipation and reduce constipation. The reason why is that fiber softens the stools, ease and improve bowel movement habits. On top of that helps eliminate toxins from the gut and improve elimination processes in the human body.

What are the high fiber foods?

High fiber foods are very easy to top up to your diet. It is just simply because fiber is found in all vegetables, fruit, whole foods, nuts and seeds, legumes, grains, etc. even, having a few fist size portions of vegetables daily on your meals, including couple of fruit for a snack, could easily bring you to the optimal levels of your daily fiber intake.

adding more vegetables to the meals you are having during the day, including couple of spoons of seeds, adding a handful of nuts and a fruit for a snack, is an easy and simple guide to optimise your digestive tract health and optimal wellbeing.

However, as always I would say discuss and get advice from you health professional person as there are conditions, where fiber must be eliminated and kept at minimum levels in treating certain health conditions.

Stay healthy and positive

Love from me