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I have been interested in leading a healthy life since I was a child. Ever since I can remember, I have been in perfect health and shape. And for me, choosing to study Nutrition at university was a no-brainer.
Well… not really.

In fact, I have a Master’s degree in Finance from the Academy “D. A. Tsenov “- University in Bulgaria, where I originally come from. However, halfway through my degree, I realised that Finance is not the field where my passion lies.
My journey in my late 20's was very challenging, especially after becoming a mother of two. I was going through health issues myself and my daughter with no help or solution from conventional medical doctors. This triggered my interest in natural medicine approach, so I decided to try Nutritional Therapy, and it was the game-changer for my family and me. That is how my attention turned to healthy eating.

But the right things come at the right time, as they say. Soon, I realised that I had found my mission in life, and I decided to study Nutrition.

Now, I am a registered and fully qualified therapist in Nutrition, Naturopathy and Homotoxicology. I trained as a Nutritional Therapist at the highly respected College of Naturopathic Medicine and the College of Practical Homeopathy in London.
I aim to help people realise the impact food and natural medicine have on our health and help them achieve their health goals.

Dandelion Nutrition with Ani

About Dandelion Nutrition

Dandelion Nutrition is a long-awaited dream. It has been created in the very beginning, when Ani was lost in the ocean of misleading information regarding her health. She did not know what doctor or specialist to trust as there were no solutions or answers to her condition. Going through obstacles and obstacles, she promised herself that one day she would do everything she can to facilitate the path of those going through different health issues. It took Ani a whole challenging decade to get ready to help people going through health issues with Nutrition.  Now, Dandelion Nutrition is present and welcomes everyone ready to change their life by using the Power of the Nature and the Nutritional Therapy.



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Ani Alieva

Nutritional Therapist using Functional Medicine Approach



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