3 Months Wellness Package

Perfect option to try out the power of Nutritional Therapy

3 Months Wellness Package

The Wellness Package is ideal for those who want to try the power and efficacy of Nutritional Therapy for a short time, review and adjust their diet and lifestyle. It is the perfect option to maintain optimal health and prevent illnesses.

It is a good path for people without serious health concerns, but rather those looking  for the right tools and natural way to manage, for example, common colds, improve immunity, kids nutrition, detox, manage stress and energy or simply improve quality of life.

This Package includes 1 Initial and 3 Follow-up Nutrition Consultations.

Ani Alieva
Nutrition Specialist
"The Mini Nutritional Health package is a great opportunity to take the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle and receive the basic knowledge of what is a balanced healthy diet."
One to One Consultations
One to One confidential consultations with a Nutritional Therapist
Complete Nutrition Program
Complete Personalised Nutrition plan, delivered after each consultation with detailed explanation of each intervention to continue at your own, together with additional handouts and supportive information.
Laboratory testing
Functional/Medical test recommendations and readings
Personalised Meal Plans & Recipes
Tailored weekly meal plans or recipe book to increase compliance.
3 months wellness package
1 Initial + 3 Follow up consultations

One of payment and consultation at a suitable time for you. Packages start from £350.