Asking the Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I know that you are the right person I am looking for?

This is an essential part of the process. For this reason, we offer free discovery calls before you actually book in, as it is crucial for us that you pick up the right professional help. The purpose of these calls is to reassure you and us that this is exactly the route you need to take from a health perspective. You will also get an idea of how we can help.

Is the consultation private and confidential?

All consultations take place in a quiet environment with high confidentiality. 

What to expect from an initial consultation?

Our first session is to get to know your health status, health concerns, eating and lifestyle habits. We will discuss what your goals are and what you want to achieve through Nutrition.

Two to three days after the consultation, you will be sent via email an individual protocol with the necessary recommendations from us, which you will need to follow to achieve these goals.

We will explain all given suggestions to you and provide you with useful tools – meal plans, recipes, cooking methods.
Supplement recommendations, referral letter, laboratory testings will be provided (if applicable).

Lastly, we will make a plan for follow up appointments.

How often shall I expect to see you?

Тhe frequency of our meetings is individual-based and depends on your nutrition status, presenting symptoms, and goals. In most cases, initially, we need to see each other more often (every 1 to 3 weeks) to get used to the new way of eating and lifestyle.

With this approach, we have a better chance of going hand in hand and achieving your health goals.

I am not from London, can I still use your services?

Yes, of course. We do face to face as well as online consultations via Zoom, FaceTime calls or other suitable platforms.

Can I book an appointment for my child?

Yes, you can. However, an authorised adult needs to accompany an underaged child.

“Perhaps this is a daunting step for you.
You may be bursting with questions.

I have covered some of them right here,
for others do not hesitate to give me a call.”

Ani Alieva

Nutritional Therapist
Functional Medicine Approach