Achieving good sleep habits

Sleep is an essential tool to keep your body at optimal health and wellbeing. Having regular quality sleep at daily life is a must nowadays. Sleep is very important for the entire body. Sleep is restarting all bodily systems. It is recharging our bodies, preparing us for the next day adventures of the life. You can notice the difference when you have had a good quality sleep and when you have not had a proper sleep. You are probably feeling tired with low energy, you might have cravings(blood sugar imbalance), headaches. This is because sleep affects primarily your nervous system, then endocrine and the rest of the body. Your mood might be affected as well. The homeostasis (balance), which your body is constantly trying to achieve is out of balance, in those days. That is why it is extremely vital to know how we can improve our quality of sleep via different techniques.

How can we improve our quality of sleep?

There are many tips on how to improve quality of sleep, however there are not suitable for everyone life’s on a daily basis. I will focus on some very simple techniques, which will hopefully be easy to follow and implement in your routine.

  • Magnesium bath salts – this is very relaxing technique. Having a bath with Magnesium salts twice per week, would not only improve your sleep quality, but could also reduce your stress levels in general. If you do not have a bath, you can do foot or hand baths (depending on what part of your body needs support).
  • Limiting your electro-magnetic radiation exposure at night. Generally speaking this includes phones, laptops, electric devices and all modern technologies. I am not saying do not use them or avoid them, but you could try and set up a routine, in which at certain time in the evening, you would stay away from it until you go to bed. This could help your brain to restart and have some proper rest.
  • Avoiding late dinners. This is not only nervous system support but it is for the entire body. Digestive, hormonal and mental health. Having late and heavy dinners would not let you have a proper restful night. Maybe try to have your dinner not later than 7pm, so your body has enough time to digest and process the food until you go to bed.
  • Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and stimulants is another important aspect of this topic. They all stimulate our bodies and we know that it could affect our sleep. Preparing your body for sleep should not be hard, but opposite. It is natural process of the human nature and we can only support it in the simple ways we know.
  • Magnesium supplements – this is one of the best minerals I could recommend. It may improve and support your sleep quality, stress levels, energy levels and entire body.