Elderflowers – natural remedies!

More and more people realize that conventional medicine is not really the route they want to take and they decide to go for the naturopathic and functional medicine approach, which I have realized 10 years ago.
This was the game changer and it has changed me and my life🥰

I am giving you an example of elderflower as natural medicine. You can make a tea 🫖 from the flowers and extract, liquor or syrup from its fruit.

I want to list and share some of its benefits:
– Good for Sinusitis
– Great for Colds and flu
– Good for diabetics
– Alleviates constipation
– Supports immune system
– Enhances vitality
– Natural diuretic
– Improves lung functions

When it’s in season, it’s the time to collect some elderflower and dry them. In this way, you will have natural remedy for the cold seasons and support your immune system!

And one more important fact is that it’s natural and free from our beautiful nature!

Why not go for a nice relaxing walk in the lovely weather and look around and pick some elderflowers- invaluable!!!