Tips on how to manage diabetes in a holistic way!

Let’s start with what is diabetes? Diabetes is a health condition where your blood sugar level is out of balance. This means your pancreas is not functioning at optimal level. There are different types of diabetes. I will only mention the most common ones. Type 1 and type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune condition in which your Pancreas cannot produce insulin. So, the sugar molecules circulate your blood stream and it cannot enter into the cells. For that reason, people with type 1 Diabetes need to take insulin externally. In type 2 diabetes, the scenario is a bit different. Your pancreas produce insulin, but the cells do not have insulin sensitivity to open their doors (receptors) for the sugar to enter. Diet, food and lifestyle have a strong impact on managing both types. Let’s have a look how.

How to manage Diabetes with food and diet?

People don’t often realise how important food is for our health. Diabetes is a very common disease, in which food plays a huge role for its management. I have a few suggestions for you and if you try to introduce few of them, you could see the difference in your blood sugar response, not long after you start. Even small changes can have an impact on the blood sugar management. For example swapping white bread with wholemeal, white rice with wild or brown rice, white pasta with brown pasta. Nevertheless, cutting out of a processed carbohydrates and sugars, including more fiber like fresh fruit and vegetables. Replacing white potatoes with sweet potatoes or celeriac, would be an easy step to take in the beginning. Legumes such as lentils, beans and chickpeas are full of fiber, protein and are low glycemic, which plays a positive role on your blood sugar levels. It does not give you an immediate spike or blood sugar dip. Including protein at each meal is a key factor to regulate an imbalanced blood glucose levels. Another important aspect of the Diabetes diet is the good fat, such as seeds, nuts, omega3.

Lifestyle and Diabetes

Lifestyle and activity level is very important aspect in managing Diabetes health condition. Regular walks and exercises are the best natural way to not only improve this health condition but to support general health and feeling of wellbeing. Another factor is the stress. Stress can have such a negative impact on your body. It can affect all bodily systems at the same time. Reducing the levels of stress in your daily life, can be a game changer for any health condition.

Supplements and Diabetes

I will mention few safe supplements, which could possibly help and improve Diabetes, however you should always check your nutritionist before you start any supplements or make any other nutritional changes. Magnesium is one of my favourite supplement. It plays hundreds of functions within the human body. It has been researched that Diabetes patients have a lack of this mineral. There are different forms of Magnesium. This is why you should check with your health care provider which one of them is the best form for you. Another good supplement for Diabetes is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). It has been proven to increase cells insulin sensitivity. Please be advised and always tell your Nutritionist if you are taking any medically prescribed drugs, so they can check drug-nutrient interactions.