Category: Macro nutrients

Category: Macro nutrients

Why do we need protein?

protein rich foods

Many people are struggling to get enough protein in their daily life. They may not have time or regular eating habits, or simply they don’t know how important is the protein for their body at any stage of their life’s.

Functions of the proteins

Proteins are the building blocks for the body tissues. They take part in repairing and maintaining healthy tissues. They are most needed for the growth of our organs, including bones and muscles.

They are also messengers between cells, signals between hormones, cell replication.

Every cell in the human body contains proteins. They are required for the cell structure, function and regulation of body organs and tissues in our organisms.

Types of proteins

There are plant and animal sources of proteins.

plant protein sources

The plant proteins are suitable for those, who wants to avoid animal product, including vegans and vegetarians. It is very important for them to rich their daily protein needs. Legumes, tofu products, edamame beans, peas, quinoa, nuts, seeds are all great source of plant proteins.

animal protein sources

Animal protein sources are meats, fish, organ meat, cheese, milk, eggs. They are complete proteins. They contain complete amino acids. They have higher content of protein than plant proteins.

Take away from me

What ever protein sources you go for, make sure you get enough amount daily. Every person should try and consume 0.75g per kg/body weight for women and 0.85g per kg/body weight for men.

The snacks between meals are good option for protein uptake.

For example handful of walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, seedy porridge or pudding, boiled egg, hummus and vegetables and anything like this.

I hope this post was helpful and informative enough for you to understand the importance of the protein in your diet to achieve optimal health.

Stay healthy,