Category: Frying food

Category: Frying food

Low carbohydrate roasted healthy celeriac chips!

This is a very good option for people on a low carbohydrate diet, who possibly want to loose some weight. It is difficult to restrict carbohydrates and it is a struggle, I agree! The good thing is that we need to remember that there are always alternative options for anything in our diet. We do not have to starve and eat nothing while we are achieving our health goals. It does not mean we need to eat tasteless food and sometimes even have the feeling to skip meals rather than eat. No, not at all! We have many delicious options when we are talking about healthy food.

This is an example of a healthy chips option- celeriac chips, yay. I would even say that I would prefer celeriac chips than potatoes option. It is low carbohydrate version. It is delicious, nutritious and very beneficial for our entire body. It is less calorific and has such a good taste. If you add olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, black pepper and paprika, you would love it.

Should you fry your vegetables?

Is frying actually harmful for your body?

Do I fry my vegetables in vegetable oil? The answer is no! Frying is one of the unhealthy methods of cooking and unfortunately many people are still using it. Even though, they are aware of the harmful chemicals, released from this process. There are some compounds that are carcinogenic and contribute to the oxidative stress within the body. Hence, we increase toxicity in our organisms. This immediately leads to higher toxicity, increased oxidative stress, elevate the risk of cardio vascular disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and others. What are the alternatives? Cooking in the oven, roasting, steaming, boiling on low temperature is much beneficial, because the vegetables don’t lose their nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Also, using butter, ghee or extra virgin olive oil is perfect alternative to use in cooking.