Category: Digestive System Health

Category: Digestive System Health

Why do we need stomach acid?

What is stomach acid?

Optimal stomach acid is needed to break down and absorb the nutrients from the food we eat. Stomach acid is secreted by the cells in the stomach wall. We need stomach acid top break down proteins and enhance nutrient absorption. It is also needed for activation of pancreatic juices. Gastric acid plays role as a defender against ingested microbes and pathogens. There are factors that can increase or decrease our gastric juices. Protein, fat, caffeine, milk, chewing gum can increase it for example. Ageing, some drugs such as antacids, autoimmune gastritis, chronic stress, H. Pylori infection and vitamin deficiencies can decrease it.

Signs of low stomach acid

  • bloating, belching and flatulence
  • feeling of fullness after meal
  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • iron deficiency
  • nausea after taking supplements
  • smelly stools

If you are regularly experiencing one or more of those symptoms, it isn’t normal! Left untreated, low stomach acid can lead to inability of the stomach to break down the food properly. This can cause condition called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth SIBO. This is a health condition, where bacteria proliferate in the small intestine and cause symptoms.

Reduced gastric acid could also lead compromised levels of the vitamin B12, which is very important vitamin for the entire body.

How to test stomach acid levels?

There is one very cheap test to do at home, if you wanted to find out your stomach acid levels. This is called “burp test”. You put 1/2 tea spoon of bicarbonate soda in 100ml first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink it and if you burp in the first or second minute, it means your gastric acid levels are good. This is a good indicator of where we are at. I do often ask my clients to take the test so we know how much support is needed. Of course, everything is individual. Depending on the symptoms, we prioritise and work on the specific part of the body, supporting entire organism.

Nutrients to optimise stomach acid

Apple cider vinegar before each meal is great for this purpose. Bitter herbs and foods can help to activate stomach acids. Zn and B6 are very important nutrients for production of gastric juices. I would also recommend some betaine hydrochloride and pepsin supplements in some cases. Eating own and light meals is also highly recommended.

As I always say, please check with your health professional before you start any diet or program, or give me a quick call/message. I would be more than happy to help.



What might be causing your abdominal bloating?

Abdominal Bloating

The hidden truth about abdominal bloating.

Is it a mystery what is causing your bloating?

Do you question yourself if it is a particular food, drink, stress or environmental factor?

I would like to talk about this topic as this is very sensitive area, where we need to pay attention from the beginning of your journey. Some of my clients experience variety of abdominal issues such as pain, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, burping, heaviness, burning sensation and many more. Of course, all of them are different and have different medical history and family medical history. Also, environmental factors, hence they experience different symptoms, because they could not have the same causes and triggers.

What might be causing abdominal bloating?

It is very broad question and I will try to explain the major factors. In the first place – your gastro-intestinal track health might be compromised. What does this mean? If you experience any symptoms from the list above, it means you need to dig deeper into your gut health. It could be dysbiosis, food intolerance, food allergy, insufficiency of stomach juices and enzymes. Also, lack of pancreatic enzymes, compromised liver functions or gallbladder.

Another risk factor is pathogen exposure. This could be virus, bacteria or parasite infection.

Is my GUT compromised?

What happens if your gut is compromised? It means that it is easier for external pathogens to enter your body. It is because your body natural defences.

If you ask me what do you need to do to reduce any of your symptoms? My answer would be – try to find the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. It could be through testings (there are many testing options out there), which is very important in this scenario. Another option is elimination diet, however if your symptoms are triggered by pathogen, this option would not help you.

Is Diet important?

I would say yes. It is. Everything you eat passes through your digestive system. It is very likely to be diet related issue. Some people cannot digest specific foods. Gluten and dairy are the common ones, for example. However, we need to test first. Food intolerance or allergy test would give us better picture of your health status. Some people react to specific substances, found in certain foods and we would not know this if we do not test.


If left untreated, most of the symptoms in the human body could lead to a more serious condition. Autoimmunity is very common situation, where people end up finding. Going through their medical history, my clients realise how long they have had their symptom from. The bad news is that it is much more harder to fix something that have led to something else. Fortunately, the Functional Medicine is very advanced, which gives us many more options to approach a disease.

What is the solution?

Once, the root cause is identified, you will work on it. You will heal your gut, reinoculate and rebalance your gut’s environment. This will happen with the specific nutrients, needed for that purpose, prebiotic and probiotic foods.

My personal advice for people with digestive issues.

I would like to add that whatever symptoms you have, please investigate it. It is the start of your journey. Do not ignore you symptoms. Your health is important.

Find a good health practitioner and start you journey now. Health practitioners, like myself are here to help you. My mission is to guide you, help you and support you. Do not wait. You are not alone. Reach out even if you just want to talk regarding your symptom.

Keep positive and take care of your health and never forget – take actions today, not tomorrow!

Remember there is always solution for your health concerns. Do not live under an umbrella of mysterious symptoms. Find out what is causing your symptoms and live the life you deserve.

Everything is going to be good!